will make some regions of the planet uninhabitable by 2100.

Global Temperature Rise

Change in Surface Temperature

There is clear evidence to show that the earth is getting hotter. Ten of the warmest years in the history of record-keeping have occurred since 2000. The following graph illustrates the change in land-ocean temperature, as compared to the 1951–1980 average.

temperature anomaly chart

More & Stronger Hurricanes

The warming of our planet has unintended consequences. Sea temperatures rise as global temperatures do—and higher sea temperatures increase the number and severity of hurricanes.

change in number of hurricanes

Deadly Heat

Heat is the number one weather related killer in the US and around the world. During the last 20 years in the US, heat has caused more than 3,600 deaths.

weather related deaths in US


[sources: NASA, NOAA, US Natural Hazard Statistics // photo by: Mohammad Saiful Islam / Shutterstock.com]